an image of my sona, Catalie- an angelic ghost catgirl

audrey || mintyproof

drawer & software developer

avatar thanks

the avatar seen on this website was drawn by arcticblushz.

about me

I'm a queer ace lady who likes to make art & software. I'm also interested in myriad other things: astronomy, baking, music, mycology; the list goes on.I like cute & spooky things. autumn is my favourite season of the year, halloween my favourite holiday. my blood consists of horror and rpg maker games.I don't like to say much about myself on the internet, but I hope what I do say is interesting.

projects I've worked on

this is an ever-growing list of projects I've worked on, both solo and collaborative.not everything I've made is listed here- just the most important stuff.

CHIMERA's cover art

CHIMERA (tba)solo project

(store page unavailable)

two rival organizations committed to containing anomalous entities have long been at a stalemate; but at last the tide begins to turn, and not in your favour.hold newfound friends close, and together dig deep and unearth what lies at the core of this conflict. will any of you remain the same by the end?

RE: DECEIVED VOICE's cover art


a laboratory thought lost to time and space inexplicably returns.burdened with endless questions and the sole companionship of a sentient A.I., explore the abandoned laboratory and uncover the mystery of the Hayashi Labs incident.

PACK-CAT's cover art


an exploration platformer in which a sly cat hits the town to find holiday gifts for their owner. pounce around the city and find as many gifts as you can!


you can most easily reach me via direct message on Twitter or Tumblr.I do not offer my Discord account or other methods of contact publicly.if you would prefer to simply leave a message via this website, please use the following form:


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